Agility Training with Lori Weinberg

Private and semi private lessons are available for all skill levels of dogs and handlers.  The length of lesson will be tailored to the individual dog and handler team.  The lessons are conducted outdoors in a 1+acre fenced agility field  with ample shade trees and lights for lessons after dark. 
Monday - Thursday 10am-8PM and Friday 10-3PM.  Year round, weather permitting. 
Experienced Teams
A detailed assement of you and your dog as a team  will be completed.  I will evaluate your foundation skills, individual obstacle performance, your timing and placement of cues and look at your handling decisons on course.  A training plan will then be tailored to help you and your dog become a better agility team.
Starting with a Puppy
If you have a young puppy, I will introduce the pre-agility foundation skills.
No Experience
If your dog has no prior experience in agility,  the core skills of agility will be covered.