Agility Training with Lori Weinberg

About Lori
I became involved in dog training 24 years ago.  I received my formal training in the areas of obedience, behavior problems, narcotic detection, tracking and kennel management.  I continue my professional development by regularly attending training seminars and workshops. 
In 1997, I opened the doors to Canine Companion.  I began offering agility instruction in 2000.  Over this time period I have worked with dog and handler teams of all shapes and sizes.  Many of my students compete in the sport of agility at the highest level.  I currently compete in agility with my two Bearded Collies Rocky and Blade.
About Rocky
MACH Chaniam Creag XF, MXP3, MJP4, CGC, HIC, PG1, PR1
In addition to completing his MACH, Rocky has been invitied twice to participate in the AKC Agility Invitational.  He participated in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge for agility as well as for the 60 weave pole challenge.  He has qualifed twice for AKC Agility Nationals. 
About Blade
Camerons On The Cutting Edge OF, MX, MXJ
Blade is nearing the completion of his MACH.
And he qualified in 2011 for AKC Agility Nationals.